Der Herr der Ringe: Die Rückkehr des Königs

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Music Composed, Orchestrated and Conducted by Howard Shore


Track List

1. A Storm is Coming

2. Hope and Memory

3. Minas Tirith [featuring Ben del Maestro]

4. The White Tree

5. The Steward of Gondor [featuring Billy Boyd]

6. Minas Morgul

7. The Ride of the Rohirrim

8. Twilight and Shadow [featuring Renée Fleming]

9. Cirith Ungol

10. Andúril

11. Shelob's Lair

12. Ash and Smoke

13. The Fields of the Pelennor

14. Hope Fails

15. The Black Gate Opens [featuring Sir James Galway]

16. The End of All Things [featuring Renée Fleming]

17. The Return of the King [featuring Sir James Galway, Viggo Mortensen and Renée Fleming]

18. The Grey Havens [featuring Sir James Galway]

19. Into the West [performed by Annie Lennox]



Into the West


The Destruction of the Ring

Aragorn's Coronation



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Die Rechte am Soundtrack liegen selbstverständlich bei New Line Cinema und Warner Bros.





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